Ducere Business School

Dūcere Business School develops the world’s foremost, industry relevant, higher education courses, delivered in partnership with universities across 4 continents. Courses combine the expertise of hundreds of world leaders from presidents, Prime-Ministers, Nobel Prize winners, CEO’s amongst others. Degrees are delivered With practical projects from global industry partners including PwC, Telstra, NAB, KPMG and Federal government departments.

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Ducere Foundation

The  Dūcere Foundation, funded by Dūcere Group, works in partnerships with sovereign states, major universities, philanthropic leaders and major businesses to deliver educational programs across 25 African countries. The Dūcere Foundation is headed by Executive Director,  Di Fleming.

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IQ Combines certified coursework from the world’s leading Ivy League institutions, including Harvard, MIT, Berkley,  amongst numerous others, with project-based work experience, as well as community and global engagement.

The focus of IQ, is media, communications and digital design. Providing a set of relevant skills for youth to provide immediate and significant value to an employer.

A work-integrated, rigorous 4-year curriculum, IQ develops motivated, self-directed students with the 21st century skills needed to succeed in the global economy.

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CY - Cyber Resilience Corporation, works across the spectrum of government, private sector, education and not-for profits, with the objective to provide the most secure and comprehensive set of tools to protect against those intent on causing your organisation harm.

The combination of industry and consulting expertise across both Australia and Israel, as well as working with the most sophisticated cyber vendors in the world, ensures your organisation will be best placed to deal with current and future threats.

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Plato Alumni

Plato Alumni Loyalty is building the world’s largest and most sophisticated alumni loyalty program for higher education institutions, offering scholarships to loyal alumni through global alliances. The Advisory Committee is headed by some of the world’s leaders in education and loyalty programs.

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P.O.W.E.R. is being established as a Not-For-Profit Foundation, based in Melbourne, Australia. It is spearheaded by a group of passionate, talented and influential individuals determined to make a significant impact through both awareness and prevention initiatives to slow the tide of economic abuse.

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